AAC Agility Trials are open to all four (4)-legged dogs capable of demonstrating the elements of agility and control, and the mental and physical ability to carry out the required tests. 

All dogs must be registered with AAC by having a Dog Identification number to compete in sanctioned trials. This may be obtained through the purchase of a Dog Identification Card, the application for which may be found on the AAC website. 

Dogs less than eighteen (18) months of age, bitches in season or in an advanced state of pregnancy, dogs suffering from an injury or illness that affects the dog's physical or mental performance, and any dog that demonstrates signs of aggression towards people or other dogs must NOT be permitted to participate in any AAC agility trial. This includes dogs running for exhibition only (FEO, see Section 2.5.1). 

A handicapped dog may be allowed to participate, providing that the dog’s handicap does not adversely affect its performance. Dogs are not permitted to compete, even FEO, wearing any bandages, wraps, or other mechanical devices, except as required to prevent fur from falling over the dog’s eyes. 

Any dog under suspension for aggression shall not be allowed on the site of any AAC-sanctioned event for the duration of their suspension. 

No dog may compete for placements or qualifying scores at a height lower than that for which their measurement qualifies them in a particular category. 

Except for approved re-runs, a dog shall never run the same course twice. 

Dogs and/or handlers may enter classes under a judge who resides in the same household or who is a member of the same agility club. An AAC Course Approver may not enter any course they have approved for placements or qualifying scores, but may enter FEO.


Before you can compete in an Agility Association of Canada (AAC) trial, you must register your dog. It's very easy to do and you only have to register your dog once. Your dog will keep this AAC identification number for life. Legs and Titles will be issued to dogs with a valid AAC ID Number, but title certificates will only be mailed out to AAC members. Information on Membership can be found here   

 Register a Dog or Request a Replacement Dog ID Card        Change of Dog Ownership Information         

Fee Includes:  

  • $20.00 + tax (for new Dog ID card for members)
  • $25.00 + tax (for new Dog ID card for non members)

Please consult the AAC CODE OF CONDUCT which applies to all competitors, among others.