For Clubs

Form Title Form Description Online Link Form File

Application to Hold a Judge's Clinic

Online link

Application to Hold a Sanctioned Trial

Online link

Application to Host Regionals Event


Club Membership Application Form

Online link

Dog Measurements Form

During Trials Online link

Expense Claim

For AAC Representatives - Nationals Hosts, etc Online link

Inspection Checklist Equipment

Please contact your Regional Director NA

Inspection Checklist Trial Site

Please contact your Regional Director NA

Judge's Agreement and Reconciliation

End of Trial - Fees and Expenses Form Online link

No incident Report Shortcut

For Judges and Trial Hosts Online link

Participation Waiver and Release

Compulsory to have signed before competing at any AAC Event (Hosts are required to collect signed copy at each event) NA

Recorded Dog Height Measurement

Online link

Report an Incident, injustice or other Issue

For Hosts, Judges, Host, Witnesses and/or Complainants Online link

Request to Host a Non AAC Judge

Online link

Request to host an Open Special Event

for Clubs Online link

Trial Cancellation Form

Online link

Trial Fees and Results

End of Trial Online link