Coronavirus - Notice to Clubs March 2020

Notice to Clubs


While we are still monitoring the situation in Canada, we are aware of growing concerns about the novel coronavirus.

At the moment, the AAC is leaving the decision regarding trials to the local clubs. Please consult with your local health authorities in order to assess the risks.

Any club that has to cancel or reschedule a trial due to the virus will have any cancellation or change fees waived.

We strongly recommend that clubs discuss their refund policies. We recognize that clubs have unrecoverable costs and may not be able to refund all of the entry fees to competitors if a trial is cancelled or a competitor is forced to withdraw due to self-quarantine. Please consider at least a partial refund or credit for future trials in order to make a competitor’s decision not to attend an easier one.

At a trial, be conscientious

  • Avoid unnecessary physical contact – hugging, shaking hands etc.
  • Avoid sharing food items. Pot lucks are probably not a good idea. Ask competitors to bring their own food and drink.
  • Disinfect tables, chairs, pens often.
  • Consider how to handle the leash running. Use a grabber to pick it up and move it. Alternatively, have the competitor retrieve their own leash. This may slow down the trial, but also lessen the risk.
  • If you have ring gates – have one person in charge of opening and closing them.
  • Have hand sanitizer freely available.
  • Consider e-mailing course maps and briefings, or posting online to reduce handling of paper and group gatherings for briefings.
  • Don’t pass your phone around to have other people record your runs.
  • Ribbons – handle as little as possible. Do not allow self-serve. Many people could be handling the ribbons. Have one person in charge of distribution and avoid award ceremonies where groups could be gathered in close quarter.
  • Encourage competitors to crate out of their vehicles when possible.
  • Clubs reserve the right to refuse entry to any competitor. Ask your competitors if they have recently travelled out of the country or to a known virus hotspot. Remind all competitors that if they feel ill IN ANY WAY, they should stay home!

Please be aware that this advice could change at any time, as more information is being made known daily.