AAC Board of Directors – January 2018 Meeting Highlights (unofficial)

AAC Board of Directors – Meeting Highlights (unofficial)

Highlights of the AAC Board meeting held on Thursday, January 18, 2018.

  • Appointment of Cindy Swiney as the AAC’s Regional and National Course Coordinator.
  • An Off Course Newsletter and the On Course Quarterly edition will be released to all AAC members by Constant Contact (email).
  • Shirley Ann Redl, Bev Johnson, and Isabelle Michaud retired as AAC Judges.  The AAC would like to extend a thank you for their contribution to the AAC.
  • IT Solutions for the AAC recently were to identify why emails distributed by AAC were being rejected by ISP addresses of recipients.  The vendor has recommended that AAC turn on an “authentication” setting which will facilitate recipient’s systems to recognize the AACs emails as other than junk. The AAC applied this change on January 11/18 and it will take effect within roughly 24 hours. Future email headers will change but nothing else and it is expected that this will reduce distribution issues. In addition, email accounts that had been blocked automatically as they include admin or webmaster in their email name have been advised and they have been offered the opportunity to have another email address replace the address initiating the errors.The user accounts on the AAC website have been used to update the AAC’s distribution lists.  The voting membership has been updated.
  • Judges Clinic Pre-Exams for Starters, Advanced and Masters have been updated and implemented.
  • AAC National Team selection process for 2018-2019 National Team
    • Will require applicant’s dogs to jump IFCS heights at the AAC National Championships and they will be scored at AAC National Championships in the class, and against the dogs, they are competing with.  They can be awarded ribbons and placements in that class.
    • Scoring criteria will include that a 10% slower than the fastest dog penalty time faults would be based on the dogs competing for the national team and not the fastest dog competing at nationals.
    • Clarification for team medals in calculations for win on spots:  will be similar to last year, medals won at worlds with team events are recognized on the wall of fame but unfortunately are not counted as part of win on spots.   This is due to the difficulty of determining the success of the individual dogs as multiple runs go into the calculation of team scores at worlds and a dog who was part of a medal team may have only run one run in the calculation of the team medal.]
    • 2018-2019 National Team Application revised to include an optional attached letter of consideration to waive the mandatory trial requirements in extenuating circumstances such as not enough trails offered in the local area during the year. This provides an opportunity for dogs/handlers in remote areas where only 1 or 2 trials are held a year, as it is recognized that it may be financially difficult to meet the mandatory trial requirements.The letters of consideration would need to be approved by the National Team Management Group and the AAC Board prior to tryouts at AAC National Championships.
  • Rule Updates/Clarifications/Amendments:
    • Section 2.12 of the AAC Rulebook v2.0b is to be updated to include “Should the Timer not restart the ETS as instructed, refer to section 2.11 Timer Malfunction.”  The clarification will be effective immediately and is to be communicated to the Judges.

To obtain a copy of the AAC Board minutes (in English or French, once approved), email Blanche Cooper at AAC Administrator.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 15, 2018.