Agility Association of Canada

The AAC has been asked to consider hosting the 2020 IFCS World Agility Championships. As an agility association of volunteers, it isn’t practical for the board and employees to contemplate such a huge undertaking but there may be groups in Canada who would like to take on the challenge. The Board has agreed to accept expressions of interest and/or proposals for evaluation.

Because AAC would ultimately be responsible for all aspects of the event (the overriding contract must be between IFCS and AAC according to their rules) we would need to treat the event much like a Nationals. We have documents that spell out the relationship and interaction between AAC and the Host group and we would use those documents as a starting point for the process. The Nationals Prep Work document is attached for reference.

There are added levels of complexity because this is an international event put on by IFCS. There are a host of questions that need to be considered over and above a Nationals event such as:

  • There are travel considerations for competitors and their dogs
    • Visas
    • Health certificates
    • Flight limitations
    • Appropriate accommodations
  • Uncertainty of participation because of distances involved for international countries
  • Appropriate venues
  • Added risk factors associated with an event like this will make the financial return harder to gauge.
  • Judge expenses higher than our normal because of a requirement for international representation.
  • There are expenses associated with IFCS officials
  • And others

Although the challenge may be daunting, we do have access to results from previous events and since it takes place annually in many different countries, there is a lot of experience we can draw into.

There is not a necessity to submit a formal proposal right now, but we would like to see if there are groups out there who would entertain being the AAC Host for this prestigious event. From an expression of interest, we would develop a process to help develop a proposal and then evaluate the proposal(s).

Should you or your group be interested in further information please address your correspondence to the AAC President, Tahnis Manhard who will liaise with the AAC Nationals Steering Committee.

Please return your group’s expression of interest by April 15, 2018.

Thank you,

AAC Board of Directors