AAC Board of Directors – November 2017 Meeting Highlights (unofficial)

AAC Board of Directors – November 2017 Meeting Highlights (unofficial)

Highlights of the AAC Board meeting held on Thursday, November 16, 2017.


  • New membership applications received in October 2017 will be provided with a one-time promotional membership for 2018.
  • Effective January 1 – Dec 31, 2018 a pre-trial dog check-in will be available as outlined in motion 171112.  Details will be emailed to clubs and will be included in the 2018 AAC Rulebook
  • AAC 2018 Rulebook
    • Online printable versions will be available to members through your AAC User Account.
    • Printed copies will be available for purchase starting in 2018.
    • Judges will be provided a single soft cover copy each.
  • Rule Clarifications/Amendments:
    • Extension of the 2018 re-measurement processes to September 1, 2018.    http://aac.ca/sites/default/public/forms/AAC_ChangesMeasurementProcess2017.pdf.
    • Decoy obstacle use will be revised from “mandatory” to “optional at the discretion of the course designing judge” effective July 1/2018.
    • Amendment to Section C2.7.2.1 Double Jump in AAC Rulebook. Due to varying types of bases causing mix and matching issues, going forward: “If a constructed double may be taken from both directions (e.g. in Snooker, or Gamble openings, or if course design specified approach from both sides), two similar jumps of the same type should be used, either both winged or both wingless.”
  • Regionals and Nationals:
    • A split Regionals was approved for NF/NS for 2018.
    • 2018 Regional for Newfoundland will be hosted by DPF Leading Agility at the Southlands Park in St. John’s Newfoundland on June 16, 2018.
    • 2018 Regional for Nova Scotia will be hosted by CAANS at the MacMillan Centre, Truro, Nova Scotia on the weekend of May 19, 2018.
    • Hosts are still needed for both a 2019 and 2020 AAC National Championships at this time.   If you are interested please contact the National Steering Committee Chair. Contact information can be located at: http://www.aac.ca/en/contact/main/#CO  
  • National Team:
    • Supporter shirts have been shipped from the supplier and distribution will start through Team Members on receipt.
    • The Team continues to offer the opportunity to join them in training through online auditing.  The information is located at:  https://www.aacnationalagilityteam.com/auditor-team

Responsibilities of AAC Representatives if an Act of Misconduct Occurs at a Trial

What are the responsibilities of AAC representatives (AAC Board, employees, Judges, AAC Committee members, Host Trial Committee) if they witness an act of misconduct during a trial?

They have a duty to:

  • Inform the Host Trial Committee
  • Inform the “victim" (for lack of a better word) of their right to report the incident and/or lodge an official complaint with the Discipline Committee by filling in an Incident Report
  • Fill in an Incident Report and submit it for the records
  • If the AAC Official is the victim, he/she has a moral obligation to identify the Incident Report “complainant” box. (as an AAC representative; supporting its commitment to ensuring fairness and safety; officials must lead by example)

If a competitor reports misconduct to an AAC representative (AAC Board, employees, Judges, AAC Committee members, Host Trial Committee) that did not witness the incident the AAC Representative should:

  • Inform the Host trial Committee
  • Inform the "complainant" of their right to report an official complaint with the DC by filling in an Incident Report.
  • Fill in an Incident Report with the information of who said what to who.


To obtain a copy of the AAC Board minutes (in English or French, once approved), email Blanche Cooper at admin@aac.ca.


The next Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 21, 2017.