AAC Newsletter November 2017



Volume 1 | Issue 1

November 2017

News from On Course

New Website

Create your Account Now!

The new AAC website www.aac.ca has been released. Member logins from the old site will not work, so users should create a new account if they haven’t already done so. Anyone can create an account, members and non-members alike. From there, users will be able to claim their own dogs, update their contact information and all manner of things! AAC members will also have access to On Course, Board Motions, printable Rule Book and various other membership perks.

It is still a work in progress, so please be patient if you find a section that is not complete. If something doesn’t work, feel free to report it through the Help section on the top banner.


Elections and Voting




Election Open for Voting 

Regular Members can now cast their votes and choose between two candidates, each running for the positions of President and Treasurer. Voting is open from 9 am November 1, 2017, to Midnight on November 31, 2017. Read the Candidates Bios here: http://aac.ca/en/nominees

To vote, simply enter your credentials (membership number and e-mail address) on the voting page. Your details will be validated and you will be directed to the selection page where you can cast your vote. If you believe that you are eligible to vote and the system declines your membership number, please contact the AAC Elections Officer at  admin@aac.ca.

Should you want to have a ballot mailed to you, please contact admin@aac.ca.






Membership Renewals due by December 31, 2017

Current members will have received an e-mail notice advising them of the renewal date for 2018 membership. To renew online, please log in to your account, choose “manage memberships” and you will see a Renew button to the left of your name. The $25 membership fees will be added to your cart, along with the appropriate Provincial taxes. You can then check out and pay by credit card, PayPal or cheque.

Family membership has been discontinued, so there is only one kind of membership available. Each member needs to have their own login account with a unique e-mail address, so if you don't have an account, you will need to create one before renewing.

New members wishing to purchase a membership now, will have their payment credited towards the whole of 2018 and receive a bonus of two months membership for November and December 2017!



2018 V7.0 Edition

A complete revision to the rulebook is currently being proof-read. Once it has been approved and translated, the electronic online version should be available by the beginning of December.

New Jump Heights













Don’t forget that not only will the jump heights change in 2018, the cutoffs change too. Your dog will need to be re-measured before running in its first trial of 2018. it will also need a new Dog ID card. The dog ID number stays the same. Just apply for a replacement card online, free of charge. http://aac.ca/en/Dog-ID-Registration

Some clubs are offering measurement for the new heights at their trials this year. So, avoid the panic and have your dog measured ahead of time.

Wondering what your options are for your dog with the new jump heights? Check here for more information: Deciding on a height and category



Don’t forget to arrange with your Region Directors to have your jumps inspected for the new heights as soon as possible. We would like to remind clubs that these inspections need to be carried out a minimum of 3 months ahead of the trial date, in accordance with Rulebook Section 2.1

Any late or information change fees related to equipment inspection will be waived for clubs holding trials in January, February, and March

Upcoming Events







Judging Clinics


Barrie, Ontario. December 15-16, 2017

Red Barn Event Centre. Contact: info@redbarneventcentre.com


Maple Ridge, British Columbia, March 2-4 2018

Pacific Agility Clan, Contact: agileted@gmail.com