Strategy to Implement AAC Jump Height Changes

Strategy to Implement AAC Jump Height Changes - The final piece of the puzzle

Deciding on a Jump Height

All dogs will be required to have had at least one new measurement for the new jump heights before they can run in competition from January 1, 2018.

Jump height choices are effectively reset on January 1, 2018. At their first competition on or after that date, the dog may compete in ANY of the heights and categories for which they are eligible with their new measurement.

Dogs that are currently in Specials or Veterans but will have a different 'Regular' height in 2018 may change back into Regulars (or Specials). Any change in height category back to Regular will not be considered their one-time move back to Regulars that normally requires the move request form to be filled out and signed by their Regional Director. Dogs over 5 and under 7 years old currently competing (on or before December 31, 2017) as a Veteran or Double-Dropped Veteran may continue to compete in that category in 2018. They do not have to go back to competing in Specials for a year when the heights and category choices are reset.

This one-time occurrence for the dog’s first trial of 2018 must be completed by September 1. 2018. Last day for movement between categories for the new jump heights will be August 31,  2018.

After this date, for any change back to Regular for their first trial of the year, competitors must complete and submit the required form to their Regional Director. This also applies to competitors who chose to run their dog in Specials for their first trial of 2018. Having competed in Specials at the new heights, the handler must fill in the “move request” form to move back to Regular. On and after September 1,  2018, competition height will be determined in the same way as if it were the dog’s first measurement and first ever trial.


  • My dog is 3 years old and currently competes as a 22” Special. He measures over 21” and he has 26 circled on his current dog ID card. He was measured for his new card and confirmed by two judges that he measures 21.5”. The height circled on his new card is 20”.

Question: Can he run as a 20” Special in 2018 as it is lower than his current 22” Specials height?

Answer: No. Dogs competing in Specials must jump one height lower than their Regular height. His Regular competition height is 20” so he would have to run in 16” Specials.

Question: Does he have to compete as a 16” Special in 2018 or can he compete at 20” Regular?

Answer: You can choose his new competition height. He may compete as a 20” Regular OR a 16” Special

Question: What if I decide to run him as a 16” Special in his first trial of 2018 and decide I don’t like him jumping 16”. Can I move him to 20” Regular at his next trial?

Answer: No, not unless you fill in a move request because the dog has already competed as a Special under the new heights..

  • My dog is 6 years old, measures 15.25” and has been competing as a 6” Double-dropped Veteran for the past year. Her Regular competition height will still be 16”. I want her to continue running as a double-dropped veteran in 2018.

Question: Will my dog have to jump higher next year? I want her to still jump 6”. Can she jump 4” instead?

Answer: No, her DDV height will be 8”. The 4” DDV height category is for dogs measuring 15” and under. However, she may continue running as a Double Dropped Veteran without having to return to Specials at the new heights. Her Veteran status can be carried over.

  • It is September 9th 2018 and my dog has just been measured to jump 12” at the new heights. I used to run him as a 10” Special last year.

Question: What height should I enter?

Answer: You should enter 8” Specials. If you wish your dog to run as a 12” Regular dog you should complete the “One time move to Regular” form which can be found on the AAC website and submit to your Regional Director