BoD Meeting Highlights for: April

BoD Meeting Thursday, April 28, 2016

Here are the highlights of the AAC Board meeting held on Thursday, April 28, 2016. Full motions will be published on the AAC website (Members section) once the minutes are approved and the motions are translated.

  1. Congratulations to the AAC National Team, which finished second overall (out of 16 countries) at the IFCS World Championship, with many great runs and results: 2016-results.
  2. The Board amends the Veterans requirement to clarify that five-year-old dogs may move to Veterans if they have been competing in Specials during the 12 immediate months preceding the move.
  3. The Board accepts the recommendation of the Standing Rule Committee (SRC) to allow optional start and/or finish jumps in Snooker (effective January 1, 2017). A member suggestion to allow an optional start jump in Gamblers was rejected.
  4. The Board clarified the rule for FEO runs to indicate that, for safety reasons, toys may not be thrown.
  5. Successful candidates for the new AAC Development Committee have been contacted, and the committee should soon be active.
  6. Once the new AAC database and website (currently undergoing testing) are implemented, the administration fee for PayPal and credit card payments will be set at 3%.
  7. Discussions continue on a number of possible changes that would have significant impact (for example, reviewing jump heights and cut-offs, chute, etc.)
  8. In addition to the topics above, the Board discussed a number of questions and proposals from members, for example the height of the tire, tunnel movement during trials, Regional sites, etc. Some topics were referred to the appropriate committee, replies were prepared for others.

To obtain a copy of the AAC Board minutes (in English or French, once approved), email Jennifer Laird at

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 19.