Rulebook Edits March 19, 2021


Course copies

In order to provide proper guidelines to clubs with respect to the posting of courses, section 2.4.2 of the Rulebook has been amended to read:

The trial secretary (or trusted designate) must keep the courses confidential until two hours prior to the start time, each day, as indicated on the trial premium.  This includes posted and electronic copies.


Dog ID Card and Measuring

Judges will resume signing Dog ID cards. Dogs over 2 years of age must have at least one official measurement recorded on their Dog ID Card up to December 31, 2021. Temporary cards will only be issued to dogs under 2 years old in order to avoid having to measure these dogs at every trial. Dogs under 2 years of age may compete with their temporary card until they reach 2 years of age at which point they will require an official measurement.

For dogs over 2 that have a temporary card from 2020, these are only valid until the expiry date noted on the card. After that date they will require an official measurement on their ID card.

Any dog with one official measurement on their ID card does not need to have a final measurement recorded before January 1, 2022.