Open Special Event - Rules

Open Special Event

The BOD has approved a new class of trial, to be known as an OPEN SPECIAL EVENT, Effective January 1. 2021.

Initial rules and regulations are as follows:

  • Open Special events will have courses designed and judges according to Masters rules, but will be open to all dogs regardless of prior accomplishments.
  • Starters, Advanced and masters level dogs with clean runs will earn qualifying legs and titles at their current level in that class. That is, a Starters dog with a clean run will earn a Starters Q, an Advanced dog with a clean run will earn an Advanced Q, and a Masters dog with a clean run will earn a Masters Q.
  • It will be the responsibility of the host club to generate a list of level appropriate Q’s in order to update the AAC trial results database.
  • Open Special Event hosts may provide additional scoring alternatives for the purpose of event ranking and awards.
  • Open Special events shall be open to all dogs who are otherwise eligible to compete at an AAC event.
  • No more than one Open Special Event per calendar year may be held in each of the following areas: Atlantic (NL, NB, NS, PEI), Quebec, Ontario (All), Prairies (AB, SK, MB, NWT, NU), and West Coast (BC, YK).
  • Dogs and handlers may enter any Open Special Event, regardless of their designated region of residence.
  • Dogs and handlers may enter more than one Open Special Event.
  • Event hosts may limit entry at their discretion, but this must be clearly stated in the trial premium.
  • Open Special Events are not intended to replace Regionals or Nationals, therefore no Open Special Event will be approved for May or June, or the month of the AAC Nationals, provided such events are scheduled for that year.
  • Applications to hold an Open Special Event will be accepted by the BOD no earlier than 12 months before the proposed event date, and no later than the usual deadline for holding a regular AAC trial. Application forms will be available on the AAC website.