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Your First Login:

  • After January 31, all membership applications are considered to be NEW member applicants.
  • All NEW member applicants must be approved by the BOD before access the members’ only section is provided.
  • NEW applicants are approved by the BOD at monthly meetings, so please be patient.
  •  In order to login you must;
  • 1st    Be a member in good standing, membership fees paid for the current year and approved by the BOD.
  • 2nd   Have been issued, by the membership administrator, a membership number and the temporary password.

The Login Window

Note: The first two digits of number represent the current membership year and are not required.

  1. In the login box on the first line enter your AAC membership number.
  2. On the second line enter the login temporary password.

      If you do not know the temporary password, contact AAC administrator: admin@aac.ca

       Be sure to include your; • Full name  • AAC membership number  • Email address.
  3. Now click on the  LOGIN  button.

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Your Login is successful

   On your first login you will be prompted to change your password and add a security question.
  1. IMPORTANT! - First enter the temporary password.
  2. Now enter your new password (At least 6 (six) characters long).
  3. Enter it again to confirm it.
  4. Now add a security question, examples;
    • The name of your first pet.
    • Your mother’s madden name
    • Your favourite color.
    • Best friends last name.
    Or any question of your own making.
  5. Now enter the answer to your security question,
    • Your answer can be anything and make no sense to the question, like;
    • Q. What city was my grandmother from?     A. My favourite dog is orange.

    • NOTE: Make sure you record this information for later use.
  6. IMPORTANT! Lastly 'click' on the  Update  button or all your work will be in vain.
  7. Now  Logout 
  8. Now  Login  using your Membership number and your new password.
  9. From the members menu select "Personal info and Password manager"
  10. On this page verify all your personal information is correct.
  11. If you make any changes be sure to click on the  Update  button or your changes will be lost.


Anytime a change is made, an email notification is sent to you, a copy is sent to Heather Taylor (Membership Coordinator) and to Barbara Brown (Trial Results Coordinator), indicating some change has been made to your information. If you did not make these changes please contact Blanche Cooper (AAC Administrator) immediately. Your password will then be reset to first login or to one of your choosing sent to the administrator. After receiving notice from the administrator, logon and reset the password to your liking. Also check your personal information to insure it is up-to-date.

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Your Login Failed

A login can fail because;

  1. Your membership number is not valid.
  2. Your membership is not current.
  3. You are not in the database.
  4. You have made too many attempts and are locked out.

NOTE: For any of these issues, contact the AAC administration by email: admin@aac.ca
Be sure to include your; • Full name • AAC membership number • Email address.

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To Change Password / Security Question

If for some reason you need to change your Password and or Security question

  1.  Login  and from the menu select "Personal info and Password manager"
  2. On this page select; "Change: Password / security question""
  3. On this page enter in your current password, you must do this to change Password or Question
    • NOTE: To change your Security Question only, now proceed to step 6
  4. Now enter your new password (must be at least 6 (six) characters long).
  5. Enter it again to confirm it.
  6. You can now change your security question and answer if required.
    (See section; 1.2 (5) for detailed instruction)
  7. IMPORTANT! In order for your changes to take effect click on  SUBMIT  button or your changes will be lost.
  8. Done, you will be taken back to the main menu.

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